Project Description




Towards Junction

On the road alongside the railway line, a parent and child are advancing.

Ahead there is a junction. The parent and child, in a sense, are trying to return to where they originally were by going to that junction.

In the end, what sort of worlds will the rail divided by that junction lead to? And, I wonder, at the origin of this junction, what sort of world was there?

Perhaps the road the parent and child should go along, once, will guide them to return before they part ways.

第百三条 この憲法施行の際現に在職する務大臣、衆議院議員及び裁判官並びにその他の公務員で、その地位に相応する地位がこの憲法で認められてゐる者は、法律で特別の定をした場合を除いては、この憲法施行のため、当然にはその地位を失ふことはない。但し、この憲法によつて、後任者が選挙又は任命されたときは、当然その地位を失ふ。
Article 103. The Ministers of State, members of the House of Representatives, and judges in office on the effective date of this Constitutionand all other public officials, who occupy positions corresponding to such positions as are recognized by this Constitution shall not forfeit their positions automatically on account of the enforcement of this Constitution unless otherwise specified by law. When, however, successors are elected or appointed under theprovisions of this Constitution theshall forfeit their positions as a matter of course.